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Forensic Lab Box



Disklabs Faraday Lab Box has been designed specifically to allows users to access mobile phones and tablets while safely keeping them shielded from all external RF signals.  Thus preventing hacking, tracking and attacking,


Designed to be simple to use in the field or back at the laboratory, It enabling users to:

 *   gather intelligence

 *   extract data safely in a shielded environment

 *   conduct forensic analysis.  (from devices such as mobile phone and tablets.)

 *   undertake covert operations

 *   undertake testing applications

Disklabs Faraday Lab Box Key features are:

 *   easy to use , intelligent and naturally located left and right built-in faraday gloves, strategically placed to allow the operator to interact with the devices and access data within the Faraday Lab Box,

 *   large transparent viewing window to enable practical use of devices

 *   large interior space enabling the user to insert power packs, cables and data extraction tools

 *   collapsible and light for easy use and transport (devices remain shielded inside a collapsed enclosures)

 *   constructed using military grade high-quality, water-resistant outer materials and padded interior walls that collapse and fold down.


Disklabs Faraday Lab Box enclosure shield eliminates all connectivity.  

The dimensions of the Lab box are:

Compact for transport is                     36cm x 27cm x 4cm  (please note that the lab box folds down for ease of transport)

Total length once unravelled is           66cm

Total operating area is                        40cm x 34cm x 15cm

Total window / viewable area             32.5cm by 18.5cm

Please note that due to the nature of the bag design the dimensions have a +/- of 10mm




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