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ANG-2 Vibroacoustic Generator

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A discreet speech protector equipped with a vibroacoustic noise generator protects offices and meeting rooms from remote eavesdropping. The noise generators are simply placed on windows, window frames or ceilings. The acoustic noise function protects against eavesdropping through walls. Additionally, you can connect the generators into two independent channels and control each channel separately.

  • vibrates window panes with vibroacoustic noise and provides protection from laser microphones,
  • generates acoustic noise to protect against eavesdropping by stethoscope through the wall,
  • is discreet and does not interfere important meetings with business partners,
  • allows you to connect speakers for acoustic protection against hidden listening devices in ceilings, vents, and other spaces,
  • has the ability to connect vibroacoustic noise generators in two independent channels.

TIP: We recommend the ANG-2 model as auxiliary protection against remote and through-the-wall eavesdropping. For complex protection of sensitive information, use in combination with the EO-1 Omnidirectional Speech Protector. For discreet protection of your business premises, we offer the EO-3 MAX and EO-3 PRO speaker-style speech protectors.

Reliable Protection Against Remote Eavesdropping

Minimize the risk of data leakage with the ANG-2 speech protector. Many competitive solutions generate only white noise. However, our speech protector contains 15 vibroacoustic noise generators that, after being installed on a window, vibrate the window panes and prevent eavesdropping by laser microphones. If necessary, a significantly larger number of these generators can be connected to the speech protector. In addition, they can be connected in two channels for independent control.

The speech protector can be connected to additional speakers to generate acoustic noise to keep you safe from being eavesdropped on by stethoscope microphone. This unique combination of noises ensures that sensitive data is not leaked from your meetings.

Are you looking for a wireless window and ceiling remote speech protector? We offer two different models:

Instructions For Use

We suggest having the product installed and wired by an expert electrician. Noise generators should be placed on windows or frames and then connected to the speech protector. It may be necessary to conceal the cabling in rails, and therefore to glue, solder or connect the cables in another way, depending on the office layout.

Acoustic noise generators should be placed on windows or frames and connected to the speech protector. The ANG-2 vibroacoustic generator is then plugged into a power outlet and the noise generator is switched on by pressing a button. There are two rotary buttons on the front side of the device which are used to control the individual channels.

You can also purchase and connect additional speakers to the speech protector to transfer acoustic noise. The noise generation is then switched on with the remote control, which is connected to the device by a discreet wire. When the acoustic noise is switched on, a blue LED indicator lights up.

If you wish to have the vibroacoustic noise generators installed by us and to purchase additional speakers for acoustic protection, please contact us. We will be happy to design a tailor-made solution to meet your particular requirements and provide reliable protection for your business premises.

What is in the box

1x ANG-2 Vibroacoustic Generator

1x Adapter for power supply of ANG-2 unit

15x additional vibroacoustic noise generators for windows

Please note: Power cables for the vibroacoustic generators and in-ceiling speakers are not included.


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