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EO-3 PRO Discreet Speech Protector

A unique speech protector designed as a classic wooden speaker. The EO-3 PRO speech protector is discreet and very elegant. It does not disrupt your meetings and protects you within a range of 5-30 meters. The jammer is suitable for permanent placement, e.g., in a meeting room. It is effective against both conventional microphone devices and eavesdropping through a wall or via a laser microphone.

  • Completely discreet as it looks like a classic speaker. It does not arouse any suspicion.
  • Generates ultrasonic noise which effectively protects you against wiretaps and bugs.
  • Acoustic noise generator protects you against stethoscope and laser microphones – it is even possible to record and generate your own voice.
  • Several adjustable modes of interception.
  • Guarantees a discreet and completely secure meeting without any information leakage.

The discreet EO-3 PRO Speech Protector offers a unique form of protection thanks to the combination of ultrasonic and acoustic noise. Ultrasonic noise blocks microphone devices within a range of 5 meters, making them unable to record. Acoustic noise eliminates the risk of being recorded with a conventional analogue voice recorder, stethoscope or laser microphone. A safe, yet discreet meeting is guaranteed. That is why the EO-3 PRO is a truly unique solution.

  • Digital and analogue voice recorders
  • Voice recorders in mobile phones
  • Eavesdropping remotely through windows using laser microphones
  • Built-in and directional microphones
  • Eavesdropping via stethoscope

Features of Ultrasound

The ultrasonic noise generator protects mainly against all recording devices that are using a microphone to record. It uses 25 ultrasonic generators with the intensity of 120dB. This creates a strong ultrasonic barrier that effectively renders possible recordings useless and incomprehensible. As a result, your communication will remain protected. A huge advantage is that the ultrasonic noise is inaudible to human ear, so it does not disrupt your meetings.

Acoustic Noise

Acoustic noise is important as it protects you against eavesdropping through a wall or via a laser microphone. You will also be protected against a third-party listening in on your conversations. Acoustic noise is a mixed and randomly generated voice that overlaps your conversation. It is even possible to record your own voice before the meeting starts. In combination with ultrasonic noise, it provides double protection and makes sure your meetings stay safe and discreet. It provides a high level of protection against the most cutting-edge forensic cleaning technologies.

Easy to Use

The advantage of our EO-3 PRO Speech Protector is that no installation is required. Simply place the jammer in place, plug it in and turn the speech protection on. After that, turn on the ultrasonic noise and choose the volume of acoustic noise according to your needs. Please note that the acoustic noise must overlap your conversation. The EO-3 PRO jammer can be discreetly controlled with the remote control.


Instruction for Use

Place the EO-3 PRO speech protector in place, where you expect possible bugs and recording devices. It can be easily placed directly on the table as it looks like an elegant speaker – it is discreet and no one will know it is a jammer. The effective range of ultrasonic and acoustic noise is up to 30 meters. The jammer can be easily controlled with the remote control according to the following modes:

  • A: Quiet ultrasound- suppresses high-quality voice recorders
  • B: Device off - protection is off
  • C: Ultrasound and quiet acoustic noise - the main operating mode in which you can negotiate comfortably and be protected against all types of listening devices.
  • D. Ultrasound and loud acoustic noise - the maximum protection mode used in case you need to fully protect the information at the cost of reducing your negotiating comfort.

If you wish to record your own voice, you do not have to worry about it being complicated in any way. Simply press the volume button. The jammer will proceed to record your conversation. We recommend making small-talk for at least 5 minutes. After that, the speech protector uses the conversation to generate acoustic noise in the form of randomly generated words in order to overlap the conversation. It is a unique solution found in all our EO speech protectors.

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