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Vecka 23 och 24 har vi semester.
Med start 19/6 genomför vi en lagerflytt, ordrar inkomna under tiden hanteras omgående när flytten är klar.

Vi beräknar vara klara i slutet av vecka 26(28/6).

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ASU-6 Acoustic Mobile Phone Vault

Unique speech protector that serves as an acoustic vault for multiple mobile phones. It is designed as a phone stand for a complete discretion. As soon as the first phone is inserted into the ASU-6 acoustic vault, the ultrasonic voice generation is automatically turned on. Its great advantage is that it does not block any calls, SMS and other network communication.

  • Does not disrupt your meetings – ultrasonic noise is inaudible to human ear
  • Effective protection against mobile phone eavesdropping
  • Compatible with the majority of mobile phones
  • Completely discreet – looks like a regular phone stand
  • Legal to use – does not block any calls, SMS and other network communication

A unique speech protector designed for a complete discretion – looks like a regular phone stand. After the first phone is inserted into the stand, it automatically starts to generate ultrasonic noise which blocks the microphone of mobile phones. Thanks to this feature, making a comprehensible recording will not be possible. The ASU-6 speech protector (acoustic vault) is designed for compatibility with majority of mobile phones. The advantage of ultrasonic noise is that it is inaudible to human ear and additionally does not block your call, SMS and other network communication.

Features of Ultrasound


Effectively protects against microphone devices. Provides protection against listening via mobile phones, smart devices, dictaphones and similar electronics. Ultrasonic noise is the most effective protection against listening devices. It is completely discreet and does not disrupt your meetings as it is inaudible to human ear.

Easy to Use


The acoustic safe speech protector ASU-6 is completely independent. Just place it where you want the attendees of the meeting to put their phones. Then plug it in and turn it on. The jammer automatically turns on as the first phone is inserted. There is no need to set anything or worry about anything.


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