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EO-2 PRO Portable Speech Protector

EO-2 PRO Audio Acoustic and Ultrasonic Portable Speech Protector perfectly protects you from all types of eavesdropping and recording devices. Its great advantage is the built-in battery, which will last up to 4 hours of use. The jammer can be used in a car, in a café and everywhere else. Its range is 3-20 meters.

  • Fills all the available frequencies with ultrasonic noise, effectively rendering recording devices in range up to 3 meters useless.
  • Acoustic noise protects you from eavesdropping through a wall, window or a someone listening in up to a distance of 20 meters.
  • Different intensity of ultrasonic and acoustic noise generation can be set.
  • Guarantees a perfectly secure meeting
  • The jammer can be easily carried with you, its battery lasts up to 4 hours and can be easily charged, e.g. in a car.

The ideal jammer for everyone who often attends meetings out of the office and wants to be sure that no one will eavesdrop on them during the meeting. The EO-2 PRO portable jammer lasts up to 4 hours of use. It generates inaudible ultrasonic noise, which blocks the microphone devices within a radius of 3 meters. In case of need for a perfect protection, acoustic noise generation can be also used. The combination of these two protective layers prevents all possible ways eavesdropping.

  • Digital and analog voice recorders
  • Voice recorders in mobile phones
  • Eavesdropping remotely through windows using laser microphones
  • Built-in and directional microphones
  • Eavesdropping via stethoscope


Features of Ultrasound


It generates inaudible ultrasonic noise, which blocks the microphone devices within the range of the speech protector. Protects against microphone recording. Protects especially against bugs and recording via smartphones or watches. The generated ultrasonic noise does not disrupt the course of your meeting and the jammer will remain unnoticed. 

Acoustic Noise

Protects against eavesdropping through a wall with a stethoscope microphone, and it even prevents eavesdropping remotely through window panes via a laser microphone. Acoustic noise provides an additional layer of protection against eavesdropping based on technology other than conventional microphones. For example, it protects against a third-party person listening in on your conversation from a distance. Acoustic noise can generate and mix voices in various ways. You can also record these voices yourself. These then overlap the conversation itself - so they are audible to others. Thanks to this feature, you can speak freely while others hear the pre-recorded voices mixed together.

Easy to use

There is no need to configure or install the EO-2 PRO Portable Speech Protector. Simply turn it on or off with the remote controller. The intensity of the noise generation is then adjusted using the rotational button. You can tell that the jammer is active by the red backlit inscription of the EO-2 model.

Instructions for use

Place the EO-2 PRO portable speech protector in the room so that the ultrasound source points to the area where there is a possibility of a bug or a recording device. If you trust your guests, turn the portable eavesdropper away from the table. Adjust the level of acoustic noise so that any possible bugs outside the table cannot record the conversation. The range of the jammer is 3–20 meters.

You can record your own voice into the jammer to be used by the acoustic noise feature. To do so, press the volume button. After that, only the word EO-2 will light up. Then hold down the “microphone on” button for a few seconds until the blue LED starts flashing. Now you can record your voice. We recommend making small-talk for at least 5 minutes. The speech protector then uses the record to generate random words, effectively overlapping your conversation. The feature of acoustic noise is unique and you will find it in all our EO speech protectors.



  • When using the ultrasonic noise generator to overwhelm all microphones in the vicinity, certain limitations may arise due to the laws of physics. Some of the microphone designs may be more susceptible to be jammed than others. Therefore, the effectiveness may be different for each of the designs. The maximum effective range of the generator can therefore also vary by up to several times depending on the type of the microphone. Additionally, the generated ultrasonic noise can bounce off different surfaces and is unable to penetrate most materials to any greater depth. It is recommended to use a sufficient number of devices and then position them appropriately in the room to ensure the best possible protection of privacy during meetings.
  • For the best possible protection, we recommend using the acoustic noise function which allows you to record your own voice in your own language and overlap your conversation with it. The recorded voice is then randomly generated to create a sound barrier against eavesdropping via a stethoscope and laser microphones. Additionally, it protects against the most cutting-edge forensic cleaning technologies.
  • Although the device does not guarantee a 100% jamming effectiveness, it greatly outperforms competing solutions. Due to its configuration, it can guarantee high effectiveness when used against microphones on devices such as dictaphones, wiretaps and seismic microphones, computer microphones, headsets, cameras and mobile phones.

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