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Faraday Safebox provides protection against eavesdropping and data leakage from mobile phones, tablets and other communication devices. Data is protected by preventing access to the radio spectrum and blocking microphones with ultrasound.

  • Does not disrupt your meetings. Ultrasonic noise is inaudible to human ear.
  • Effective protection against eavesdropping via device microphone.
  • Compatible for all types of phones, tablets and other communication devices.
  • Completely discreet – looks like a luxury suitcase.

Two technologies are used to block access to the radio spectrum, namely shielding devices using the Faraday cage method and interference in a specific radio spectrum to prevent communication between devices.

When the communication devices are inserted, ultrasonic noise is automatically generated and overwhelms the microphones. This is what makes it impossible to make a good recording in case of eavesdropping.


Supply Voltage5 V
Battery Capacity26,8 Ah
Capacity10 mobile phones or tablets
Weight5,5 kg


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Drift & produktion: Wikinggruppen

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